Carlos Villalobos

General Superintendent

With over 20 years of experience, Carlos began as a Laborer and passionately grew into roles in Framing, Drywall, Finishing and Grid jobs. Carlos grew up learning about the Wood & Forestry industry from his dad, and after completing school considered pursuing Architecture but ultimately choose construction as he was most interested in how things worked and came together. Working for many years as a Journeyman, he always had the goal of being in a Supervisor role, and when opportunity knocked, Carlos accepted this new challenge with passion and dedication. Carlos has been with Starr for 5 years where he ultimately earned his role as General Superintendent. He oversees projects from start to finish and is eager to share his experience and knowledge with those around him. In his limited free time, Carlos enjoys time outdoors with his wife and three daughters, hiking, biking and camping. He is proud of his dedicated family as they all work hard and grow together.